Behind the Scenes

Hello, I’m a Recruiting Professional, Career Coach and Productivity Addict.

Over the course of 10 years in the recruitment field, I have taken my career across France, Luxembourg, Israel and most recently: Germany.

I’ve also felt drawn to the opportunity to build and scale, whether that meant developing Amazon’s presence in Europe or growing high-performing teams and Facebook. It’s only natural that my builder spirit took me to the startup scene where I am currently leading Talent Acquisition for Pitch, the best presentation software known to humanity (no joke!).

In the past decade, I’ve had the privilege to be involved in quite an exciting number of things:

  • Agency but also in-house recruiting (for industrial, banking, retail and high-tech giants)
  • Managing recruiting end-to-end, from in-depth sourcing to closing
  • Recruiting executives and managers but also individual contributors – but mostly highly passive candidates
  • Recruiting for technical roles (Software, Hardware and Mobile), as well as recruiting for business roles such as HR, finance, public policy and legal…
  • Build processes and best practices from the ground up, in and outside Talent Acquisition!

When I’m not Slacking, Zooming or Notioning, I can be found talking about my favorite topic (recruiting, duh!) through my podcast The Curious Recruiter or on LinkedIn.

Beyond my trade, I am also passionate about all things related to tech, design, and productivity. My 2 dogs play a huge part in my life, and so does eating (out), cooking great foods, and hosting boardgame nights with friends.

When nobody’s looking, I can also be found playing zombie video-games, sharpening my design skills on Canva, or doing my nails.

What can I say – I have eclectic taste!

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