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Hiring Recruiters in 2023

Hiring recruiters in 2023: 3 essential questions

More and more job ads for recruiters keep appearing, signalling that the hiring engines are being fired up again.

What if companies’ New Years’ resolutions had to do more with growing responsibly than “fueling their rocket ships” with finite and volatile funding?

Let's talk about 3 essential questions companies should ask themselves before diving headfirst into hiring recruiters again.

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Diversity: 8 best practices for recruiting teams

Talent Acquisition is uniquely positioned to move the needle on Diversity at a foundational level. Here are 8 best practices to adopt!

At Pitch, my team and I took full advantage of this position: over the course of 18 months, we managed to increase the number of gender-diverse hires by 51%.

In this article, I'm sharing some of the “reflexes” we implemented to make this happen.

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The new approach to leadership hiring in 2022

Leaders and recruiters — do you feel like it’s becoming more and more difficult to hire the right talent into crucial leadership positions?

If you’re still hiring talent using the same old playbook you used 10 years ago, then you’re probably in for a shock.

Or you’re in for a revelation that will change your executive recruiting game by a great deal. Spoiler: your cookie-cutter target profile won’t cut it anymore in today’s landscape. Let me tell you why in this article.

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8 tips on engaging and managing remote teams

In a remote setting, there is always a risk of working relationships becoming transactional.

However, connection and engagement within a team is a crucial element that increases the trust and the productivity that keeps everyone operating efficiently.

Here are 8 tips any leader can set in motion to help their team members achieve “full remote fluency”!

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It pays off to take that candidate sell-call

"Jeez, that candidate was asking so many questions. I found it rude of them to monopolize the interview time like that — I couldn’t even go through my own questions.”

“I don’t see why I should jump on a sell-call just to answer a candidate’s questions. They should be honored to have the opportunity to interview with us, and should be sold on our company’s product/mission alone!”

Those are all examples of statements I dislike hearing from hiring managers and interviewers — yet, I’ve heard them plenty.

So in today’s article, I’d love to explain why hiring managers and interviewers should start embracing questions from “curious” candidates and see them as an opportunity to successfully hire and build a strong employer brand.

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Humility is still a winning trait

I really appreciate it when candidates know exactly what they want in their next career step and are able to share their thoughts with me openly. It's a great way to set and manage expectations, and it goes both ways.

It absolutely makes sense for candidates to be "picky" with their next career step: after all, it's a candidate led market. But when candidates want to play the market to their advantage, they have to play it right — and humility is still a winning trait in this game.

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