It pays off to take that candidate sell-call

🙄 “Jeez, that candidate was asking so many questions. I found it rude of them to monopolize the interview time like that — I couldn’t even go through my own questions.” “I don’t see why I should jump on a sell-call just to answer a candidate’s questions. They should be honored to have the opportunity to interview with us, and should be sold on our company’s product/mission alone!”

❌ … those are all examples of statements I dislike hearing from hiring managers and interviewers — yet, I’ve heard them plenty.

💡 So in today’s article, I’d love to explain why hiring managers and interviewers should start embracing questions from “curious” candidates and see them as an opportunity to successfully hire and build a strong employer brand.

😉 Oh, and we’ll also be talking about setting up an agenda and better managing your time during interviews!

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