E08 – The Job Offer Guide (Part 2: Closing Skills for Recruiters)

In this second part of the Job Offer Guide, I will be taking you through how you – as a recruiter – can successfully close a candidate at offer stage. While in the first part (which you can access here) we covered how candidates can best negotiate with recruiting teams, it’s time to talk about the other side of the story!

We will cover when exactly the closing process starts (hint: it’s not just right before you make an offer to your candidate) and how to best earn the candidate’s trust by making a fair offer and extending it according to etiquette. I’ll also give you some hints on which tools can help you better sell the opportunity and the company so your candidate will surely sign on the dotted line. And last but not least: we’ll talk about tackling some pesky topics such as ultimatums, lowballing, counter offers and competing offers.

Ready to sign your next candidate? Then go ahead and have a listen!

Episode Timestamps

00:01Intro 01:04Defining “Compensation” and honing in on key motivations 05:06When does the closing process actually start? How to talk compensation? 13:21Tips for extending offers to candidates 21:27Do’s and Don’ts of Offer Calls and Offer E-Mails 25:31Using Ultimatums and/or Lowballing when making offers – yay or nay? 28:18On the importance of using sell partners 32:25How to navigate counter offers 35:53Knowing your way around competing offers 39:09Summary
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