E23 – 8 Productivity Hacks Startup-Life Has Taught Me

And here I was, thinking that I was pretty good at productivity, and that my work experience of 10 years had allowed me to establish some stellar ways of working… But then (plot twist!), when I joined the startup life 4 months ago, I realized that there were still plenty of opportunities to take my productivity skills up a notch.

Whether it had to do with making it a habit to challenge status quo, finding more elaborate ways to manage my time and projects, or even learning my way around new tools like Notion and Slack, I went through a great learning period and came out feeling much more comfortable about my ways of working in a fast-moving, hyper-agile startup like Pitch.

I’m sure I still have a huge learning curve ahead of me in my new role, but I’d love to fill you in on some of the hacks I learned so far!

Episode Timestamps

00:00Intro 02:35Set up your workspace for success 04:34Always challenge the status quo: improve and automate 07:26Control your IMs (my tips on making Slack work for you, not against you) 11:47Use your calendar 13:30Block off time for To-Do and Focus Block 15:54Make time for projects 17:17Make time for breaks 19:01Work from home tip: act as if you were on the way to the office & practice self-care 21:58Wrap-up
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