E07 – The Job Offer Guide (Part 1: Negotiation Skills for Candidates)

In this podcast episode, which is the first part of The Curious Recruiter’s Job Offer Guide we will be covering everything you (as a candidate) need to know in order to confidently approach your next job offer negotiation with your future employer. And of course: get the result you hoped for!

First, I will be covering what to expect from the offer process. Afterwards, I will give you advice on how to best prepare for conversations around sensitive subjects such as current compensation and salary expectations. Finally, we will cover how to best face a situation in which you potentially have to negotiate an offer that was made to you.

Have you ever wondered how to not sell yourself short when it comes to stating your salary expectations? How to ask for an increase over your current compensation? What sort of increase can you even reasonably ask for? And how do you navigate a situation where you have multiple offers on the table? If those are questions you’ve asked yourself, then you’ve come to the right place!

Useful links:

  • Crucial Conversations (Tools for Talking when Stakes are High), by Patterson, Grenny, McMillan and Switzler (available on Amazon.com)
  • Research salary ranges: Glassdoor.com
  • Cost of Living Calculator: Numbeo.com

Episode Timestamps

00:10Intro & Disclaimer – Money isn’t everything! 02:41What should you expect from an offer negotiation process? 06:16Current compensation and expectations – at what time of the process should they come up? 12:26How to best formulate and share your salary expectations with your recruiter 18:16Asking for a salary increase – what’s reasonable? 24:26Questions you should ask once you receive your offer (and before accepting) 26:46How to negotiate for a better offer (with or without a counter offer at hand) 37:20Summary

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