E22 – 5 Top Mistakes to Avoid During an Interview

As a practical follow-up to my very first episode on how to answer Behavioural Interview Questions (and nail pretty much any interview), I thought I’d bring up some additional “Interview Prep 101” pointers. Because preparing for your interview from a content perspective is extremely important, but understanding interview etiquette and avoiding some blatant faux-pas is just as crucial. 

Listen in to find out what top mistakes you’ll definitely want to avoid when going into any kind of interview, and of course I’ll also dish out some tips on what you can do to shine. Zoom-Interview type advice included, of course!


00:00Intro 01:50Mistake #1 – Being unprepared / not doing your research 06:20Mistake #2 – Not showing interest or motivation 10:13Mistake #3 – Not respecting interview etiquette 12:58Mistake #4 – Displaying bad behaviour 17:24Mistake #5 – Not getting your point across 21:27Wrap-up
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