E11 – 6 Simple Habits to Boost your Productivity

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your work week didn’t feel like you have to scramble to get everything done in time? How wonderful would it be if we had an extra day a week to get everything done? Or even better – wouldn’t it be great to simply get the hang of getting more work done in less time, so that you could use the time you ultimately save on more value-creating tasks? 

What if I told you that increasing your daily productivity is actually not that difficult? It takes just a couple of habits that you need to build in order to get the right workflow going! I’d like to let you in on a couple of habits I have built over the course of the last years. Those have helped me tremendously when it came to keeping up with a pretty heavy workload in high-pressure environments. And contrary to what you might think, multitasking and relentlessly ploughing through work aren’t on the list, because it’s all about working smarter – not harder!

Episode Timestamps

00:00Intro & Disclaimer 03:14Start the day with an admin/e-mail block 05:33Don’t procrastinate 08:30Stop Multitasking and start Focusing 11:34Make use of your calendar 18:10Keep your eyes on the ball 21:20Take care of yourself 23:37Wrap-up
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