E12 – High Achiever? Stop Self-Sabotaging! (with Vikki Louise)

If you’ve ever told yourself things like “Now’s not the right time for that” or “I’ll never be good enough”, then this episode with Anxiety & Procrastination Coach and Time Hacker Vikki Louise will be perfect for you! Vikki is helping people to regain back control when their biggest enemy (their own brain) is bringing them down and keeping them from achieving their goals.

In this episode, we’ll talk about Vikki’s career and her coaching program, but also about anxiety, guilt, impostor syndrome and the very paralyzing fear of failing. Those are some very common traits that high-achievers are exhibiting when the stakes are high both professionally and personally. And all of this has been heightened by the circumstances brought about by the current pandemic.

So if you want to learn more about how to efficiently deal with all those, then tune in!

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Episode Timestamps:

00:01Introduction 03:22Vikki in her own words 04:40How Vikki discovered her calling (and love of the nomad lifestyle!) 19:40High Achievers, hustlers, and functional “workoholics” – their anxieties are Vikki’s bread and butter 12:55Which anxieties creep up on us the most? What can you do to not further act out your anxiety? 19:40Blurred lines and heightened expectations during the pandemic: the challenge of having to wear multiple hats all at the same time 22:05The downfalls of Impostor Syndrome and Negativity Bias, and the upside of celebrating success 26:13About the need to be kind to ourselves vs. guilting & whipping ourselves 28:1410 Minute Method: Regaining control and achieving trust in ourselves through setting achievable goals 31:17Fake It Til you Make it – is it still the right motto in today’s circumstances? 35:21Positive Affirmation is the key, along with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 40:26Parting questions: most annoying things about Vikki’s job, and most rewarding things! 43:34Wrap-Up
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