Pre-Screens (also known as Screening Calls or Introductory Conversations) are the first touch-point between a candidate and a recruiter, and they are a crucial step to select the best candidates for any given role. The more efficient your pre-screen technique, the more efficient your filtering is. And the better you filter, the better your funnel ratios become – which saves your hiring manager a lot of time on the interviewing front!

In today’s episode, we’ll dive a little bit deeper into the art of pre-screening candidates. Calling it an art is no understatement: recruiters and sourcers have to check many different things within a very limited amount of time, while simultaneously selling the candidate on the opportunity at hand. 

I’d therefore like to share some of my personal tips to help you conduct a pre-screen that helps you tick off the most important boxes whilst remaining engaging and personable!

Episode Timestamps

00:00Intro 01:50Why are pre-screens important and what info should they yield? 04:14Structure and length of a pre-screen 06:58PART 1: Intro & Icebreaking 10:17PART 2: Understanding motivators 13:40PART 3: Behavioral questions 17:44PART 4: Covering hygiene factors & socializing next steps 22:17Additional tips re. managing time and taking notes 26:52Summary

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