E19 – The truth behind the chase for Promotions, Big Titles and People Management

Whenever there’s a talk about professional growth and development, there’s almost always a talk about wanting to get that next-level promotion, the fancy title and/or becoming a manager. And according to where one stands in their career path, those are absolutely fair aspirations.

However, while we’re always hustling to climb that career ladder, we sometimes forget to check ourselves and to evaluate if those targets are actually compatible with who we are, how we’re doing and which environment we’re in. 

If promotion, bigger title, and/or people management are on your radar, then let this episode be your reality check. Are you set on those goals for the right reasons, and are you approaching them the right way? 

Let’s explore some unfiltered truths around those themes – from the potential trap of acting too entitled, to the reality of being trapped in an environment that doesn’t actually allow you to shine and grow – and of course, we’ll touch on how to best get to whatever goal you set yourself!

Episode Timestamps

00:00Intro 01:39Why it’s important to check yourself 06:06Titles, and why they mean nothing! 09:35Promotions – are you ready for the next step? 15:30People management – don’t chase it for the wrong reasons 19:44You can’t always get what you want 22:57So how do you get to your goal?
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