In this first episode of The Curious Recruiter, we’ll cover the basics (and advanced techniques) of Behavioural Interviewing, also known as the STAR or SBI technique. This episode will be helpful for recruiters and interviewees alike, whether you are new to this method or looking to deepen your knowledge of it.

We will explore how Behavioural Interviewing isn’t like any other regular techniques (think surface-level or ice-breaker questions, brain teasers, etc…) and how – as a recruiter – you can start using this technique right away by setting Focus Areas.

As a candidate, you’ll learn how to best prepare for a behavioural interview, and how to best frame your answers on your next interview!

Episode Timestamps

01:52What is behavioural interviewing (not)? 07:21What is behavioural interviewing really? 09:55Exploring the STAR & SBI Method 21:51Additional tips for Recruiters – common “problems” 25:57How you can prepare as a candidate 31:35Recap – What have we learnt?

Additional Resources

Download the SBI/STAR Cheatsheet here !

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