E03 – Shaping your career path as a Diversity Ally (with Brian Ballantyne)

In this episode, we are featuring The Curious Recruiter’s very first guest, Brian Ballantyne: accomplished product/marketing/programs manager, diversity advocate, published author, public speaker, mentor and of course: great friend an JUN3 duo partner of mine!

Brian and I know each other from “way back when” in 2013, when we started different roles at Amazon on the same day – but our paths kept crossing at the intersection of diversity! After 5 years, I moved on to Facebook, but Brian is still at Amazon and built himself a great track record as adversity expert and white male ally (his words, not mine!).

In this episode we will cover how Brian shaped his career through several roles he held in the course of (almost) 8 years at Amazon and how he became the Ally that he is today. We also talk about how anyone (individual contributor or manager) can become a better diversity advocate, and how we can make the best out of the new working arrangements we all need to get used to in times of COVID-19.

Last but not least, Brian shares with us his #1 advice around how to deal with uncooperative colleagues!

Episode Timestamps

00:12Intro – More about Brian and how we met 06:358 years at Amazon – how Brian shaped his career path 09:29How to leverage internal opportunities within a company 12:00Making Diversity your day job – was is a hit or a miss for Brian? Can you even be a good ally if it’s not your day job? 19:08How we can become more hopeful about moving the Diversity needle 24:10Working in times of COVID19 – is it easier to be an ally, to network and to feel empowered? 33:26How to work with colleagues or hiring managers who don’t see Diversity as a priority 40:38Fostering a culture of recognition and praise

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