E02 – Do’s and Don’ts of Passive Candidate Approaches

Getting your e-mail or InMail approaches to passive talent right is a crucial step of the recruiting process! Whether you are headhunting executive talent or looking for niche profiles, it’s important to understand how to approach a passive candidate in order to increase your chances of getting on the phone with them. After all, they might not be looking for a role change at all, not really bought into your company/brand, or getting way too many messages from recruiters on a daily basis! So how can your message to them stand out?

In this episode, I’d like to give you my own personal tips around what I recommend (and don’t recommend doing) when you’re looking to get a candidate interested enough to have a chat with you – and more!

Do you agree or disagree with some of my advice? Is there something else you’d like to add to the list? Feel free to let me know!

Episode Timestamps

00:19What are passive candidate approaches? 02:05Two disclaimers ahead of my Do’s & Don’ts 07:06The Do’s 19:36The Don’ts 29:48Wrap-Up

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