As the Human Resources and Staffing functions are evolving, and as companies looking for ways to catch the best talent they can, we’ve seen the emergence of new recruitment specialisations, such as Sourcing.

So in this episode, I’d like do discuss what the deal is with sourcing and how a sourcer position differs from a recruiter position. However – don’t let the title mislead you: the two roles are not competing.

Both roles co-exist (for a good reason), and each role has its own advantages/disadvantages. Choosing the sourcing or the recruiting path is a matter of fit – not a matter of years of experience, or amount of skills! Of course, I’ll explain why!

Episode Timestamps

01:17Why are we even discussing Sourcing vs. Recruiting? 04:05What is “sourcing” actually? 08:24What’s better? Sourcing or recruiting? 15:02Which role should you be betting on from a career perspective? 19:18Which questions should you ask yourself when considering the sourcing branch

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