E05 – Performance & Self-Reviews made simple(r)

Tis the season, folks! The end of the year usually brings about all kinds of festive feelings, as well as the joys of putting together the Christmas dinner menu and (online-)shopping for those last remaining presents. But for most of us out there, there is a Grinch looming behind the freshly decorated Christmas tree, and it has the potential to ruin your entire holiday unless you work hard on ignoring it. I’m talking about the dreaded performance review (also known as self-review)!

Maybe it’s your first one having to write one, or maybe you’re already a pro at procrastinating it year after year – but in any case, I wanted to share my tips in order to make this whole thing a little less dreadful. Find out how you can best prepare all the quantitative and qualitative data you need ahead of time (spoiler: not 2 days before the deadline!); how you can tell your story while tying it to the data; how you can talk about your growth areas; and even how to write your self-review when you haven’t been as successful as you would have hope. So don’t delay writing your self-review any further!

Episode Timestamps

01:58Why are (well-written) self-reviews important? 05:05When should you start and how long should it take? 08:48Which format should you use 10:50Get the quantitative data ready 12:50How to best ask for qualitative feedback 16:40How to best ask for qualitative feedback 21:58How to approach your growth areas 24:57Writing your performance review when you didn’t do so well 27:30Wrap-up

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