E06 – Building your Personal Brand (with Guy Carmeli)

In this episode, we will be talking about “Building your personal brand” with Guy Carmeli. Guy is a Senior Android Developer at Wix, but also the creator of the Android-based app Clippit

Early on, Guy’s “extra-curricular” activities and personal interests actually helped him land his first job! And they then became part of his personal brand… That personal brand has since opened many more doors to him, therefore he has become a fervent advocate of showcasing all of the cool stuff he does beyond his resume.

Through talking about Guy’s story, we will share some insights into other ways to build your personal brand, increase your visibility – and most importantly: what it takes to do it right. 

Spoiler alert: it takes a good dose of determination and consistency, but it’s worth the effort. And also: a personal brand doesn’t have to be boring and 100% professional. Building something notable on top of one of your passions (whether it is knitting or mixing cocktails on the weekends) is enough to make you more visible, approachable and relatable to recruiters. Even when you are not actively looking. 

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Episode timestamps

00:00Episode Intro 02:15Guy introduces himself and how we got to know each other 04:435 years at Wix – what kept Guy engaged and motivated 07:25Why Guy is passionate about “building his own brand” 10:58How his personal brand increases his visibility externally and internally 18:18Clippit (Guy’s Android app) – what is it about and how did it all start? 21:11How much time investment goes into “building his personal brand” and what keeps him going? 26:39How can others build their own personal brand? 30:41Hard beginnings, barriers for entry and pitfalls of inconsistencies in building your personal projects 36:15Some advice and learnings from Guy to help you get started 40:47Episode Recap
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