E13 – Successfully kickstart any Recruitment Process (for Recruiters & Hiring Managers)

Personally, I could spend hours talking about the all the right ways to unearth talent as a corporate recruiter, or about how to best approach candidates, and how to get them sold on a new job opportunity. But all this technical know-how wouldn’t even mean a thing to the best talent hunter on the planet if they don’t really know what profile they are looking for and if the value proposition of the role they are hiring for is unclear.

Whether you are a recruiter or a hiring manager – both experienced or new to hiring – you must understand that preparation is half the battle. And there’s nothing better for kicking off a successful recruiting process than a state-of-the-art in-take meeting (aka: briefing meeting or kick-off meeting). This will clearly determine the organization’s setup and hiring needs, and help you establish a strong sourcing (and selling) strategy from the get-go.

So to find out exactly how to set the foundations for any upcoming recruitment processes, and how to structure a good intake meeting, just give this new episode a go!

Episode Timestamps

00:00Intro 05:30What should be the outcome of a successful intake meeting? How should it be held? 09:15Preliminary information to flush out ahead of the intake 12:25Drive a deeper understanding of the Hiring Team 15:25Discuss the role in detail 22:18Calibrate on the ideal profile and target industries 27:35Shape the interview process and share timelines 30:38Set expectations and next steps 32:00Wrap-up
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