E14 – 3 Steps to Start Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

In a society where humility is mostly key, and where most corporate cultures tend to overindex on their employees’ development areas and shortcomings, celebrating successes becomes harder and harder. It’s especially difficult considering that the nature of the brain has a preference for remembering the bad things over the good ones…

When all of this culminates, some of us are prone to experiencing extreme low self-esteem and the feeling of utter incompetence. This phenomenon has been coined as the Impostor Syndrome by researchers in 1978 and has been studied ever since.

What sounds like a bad ailment is fortunately just a counter-productive mindset. In other words: it’s a mindset that can be changed! In today’s episode I’d like to propose 3 easy tips to help you with restoring your self-confidence and overcoming Impostor Syndrome.

Episode Timstamps

00:00Intro 02:09The origins of impostor syndrome 04:00This phenomenon to is but a mindset 08:50Step #1: Recognizing for yourself 12:00Step #2: Socializing with your 1st Circle 14:51Step #3: Role Modeling at Work 22:55Wrap-Up
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