E15 – Headhunting 101: Build your Target List!

In Episode 13 about Briefing Meetings, I let you in on a little (not so secret) secret of mine: preparation is half the battle. One ultra-essential part of this preparation when kicking off your recruitment process should include driving your own understanding of your target universe. In other words: where are you going to start searching for viable talent?

In order to drive this understanding in an organized fashion, my absolute favorite thing to do is to draft a Company Target List (or Industry Target List). This helps me lay the foundation of my sourcing strategy, and helps me do my market mapping in a methodical way. Target Lists are basically pieces of market intel than can be used and re-used over time, so it’s never wasted to work on one!

If you want to know what the fuss around Target Lists is all about, how to create one, and also how to use it to earn trust with your business stakeholders – have a listen!

Episode Timestamps

00:00Intro 01:44What on earth is a Target List? 03:55Target List Tip #1: Look at your direct competitors 05:12Target List Tip #2: Look at companies who specialize in the position you are looking for 07:01Target List Tip #3: Look at companies who are role models 07:25Target List Tip #4: Ask your friend Google for lists… 08:28Target List Tip #5: Ask your hiring managers or colleagues for intel 10:22Target List Tip #6: Understand which companies are NOT a fit 11:56Target List Tip #7: Don’t be biased (unless you know better) 12:58Target List Tip #7: Don’t sell yourself short 14:28What do you do with your target list? 17:39Wrap-Up

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