E17 – Candidate Rejections: how to deal with them (…and also deal them!)

When I joined Facebook a couple of years ago, I first found it rather funny that recruiters would refer to candidate rejections as “candidate break-ups”. But come to think of it – it’s very fitting, and acknowledges the fact that every candidate rejection involves feelings. Therefore, “break-ups” need to be handled with care and courtesy, and without ghosting!

So in this podcast episode, we’ll explore both sides of the story. First we’ll talk about what it’s like to be a candidate who is on the receiving end of a rejection. What should you expect from your recruiter in terms of feedback? How should you behave, and what should you avoid? And last but not least, we will cover how you can move on from the disappointment of being rejected from a job opportunity you were really excited about.

And if you are a recruiter who is looking for some additional tips on how to best deal with the unavoidable task of rejecting your candidates in the most courteous fashion, then I’ll have you covered as well. So get your kleenexes ready as we will dive deep into the anatomy of breakup!

Rejections on the candidate side

02:41Ghosting – a common phenomenon 04:30How to react to a rejection e-mail 05:57Always ask for more feedback 08:28How to behave during a feedback call 11:08Moving on from a rejection

Rejections on the recruiting side

14:16Ghosting – don’t be that recruiter 14:16Rejecting your candidate – e-mail or call? 18:36Position the rejection and provide feedback 21:31Always give substantiated feedback 25:37Dealing with uncourteous candidates 26:50Closing the loop on rejected candidates

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