E18 – The journey of a “Swiss-Army Knife” Recruiter (with Anna Stimamiglio)

This week’s podcast guest, Anna Stimamiglio, is – like many other previous guests – a friend and former colleague I met at Amazon. She is a recruiting professional who – to date – has worked in no less than 3 countries, and is about to conquer her 4th country, after having recently moved from Canada to Switzerland for a Recruiting role with Deloitte. In less than 5 years, Anna has had a taste of many working environments from start-up to big corporates, and also explored many different types of recruiting.

However, Anna’s story doesn’t only surprise by her curiosity to seek out diverse experiences and finding her sweet spot. It also surprises by Anna’s truly remarkable ability to deal with professional setbacks, such as having to go through the unnerving motions of a layoff in what seemed like a sure-as-rock role. Or having to question the sustainability of working for a company that isn’t doing so well financially. And finally: having to conquer your inner critical voice in order to gain back the courage to tell your professional story with confidence.

So if you can relate to the fact that (work-)life is not just rainbows and butterflies but oftentimes includes challenges and personal growth, have a listen to Anna’s unfiltered and super inspiring recount of her career path to date. One that’s certainly not like the others!


00:00Intro 03:37Anna in her own words 04:14How she got into Recruiting 07:20Start-Ups vs. Big Corporates 19:11From highly structured to more agile environments 21:31Comparing different types of recruiting 24:35Anna’s professional set-backs and going through a lay-off 31:00How Anna bounced back 34:30Making decisions on personal moves across continents 41:06How to tell your story during a job search 45:10Key Learnings from Anna

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