E16 – A day in the life of a Senior Technical Sourcer (with Roman Zhilyakov)

I love nothing more than to exchange with people who are equally as passionate about the world of talent acquisition as I am. So for this episode, I am especially thrilled to welcome guest speaker Roman Zhilyakov, who is a Senior Technical Sourcer at Facebook Israel. His job involves finding and approaching highly passive senior engineering talent across very niche pipelines such as Machine Learning or Android or iOS.

He is literally one of the best sourcers I know and had the pleasure of working with! And given that you guys really took interest in the Sourcing vs. Recruiting Episode, it was only natural for me to invite him as the Sourcer poster-child to talk about his day-to-day!

We’ll talk about Roman’s career and how he got to where he is now, and also about what it’s like to be a niche sourcer in a big tech company. He’ll also talk us through how he usually sets himself up for success at the beginning of a new search, and how he owns and troubleshoots his pipeline. Top of funnel, pass-through rates, candidate approach methods and candidate ownership – you name it, he will cover it!

And beware: Roman is one hecking creative sourcer! So be prepared to hear about a bunch of nifty sourcing tricks and funny sourcing anecdotes!

Episode Timestamps

00:01Intro 03:18Roman in his own words and how he fell into recruiting 07:35How Roman got to Facebook 12:12Sourcing vs. Recruiting according to Roman 20:01What does it takes to be a good sourcer? 25:46Common sourcer “faux-pas” 30:19How to shape your sourcing strategy 36:29What you need to know about Market Mapping 36:19Owning your pipeline and troubleshooting issues 45:50From courteously approaching to hard-coaching candidates in process 48:45About the importance of customizing your approach 51:25Closing
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